Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Life - 3 Years later.

After a long passing of never touching this blog, It has been thrown away in my past inside my brains garbage can. Fortunately, the little robot in my head seems to have found it. Therefore I am going to try to begin to bring this blog alive, after the one post and never touching it again phase occurred. So Let's begin~

It's January, and here on the Canadian Prairies snow is the main weather occurrence here for about another 4 months. The new year started out with, well..... a Skier/Snowboarders dream, traveler or workers nightmare.

Approximately 2 feet fell here in Edmonton last weekend, and it is currently snowing again with totals reaching about 10-15 cm by Tuesday when it's all over with. January never fails to make my life miserable. What a great month to have my birthday in! (I say that sarcastically)

We're currently in a rut of -20 or below temperatures that we've been seeing for the past week-ish and will continue to see for the next few days, until finally reaching near to above zero and the sunshine comes out with a smile, like this :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Opening of the ExtremeWX blog!

Welcome to the ExtremeWX blog! Extreme Storm Photography/Videography around Western Canada! ExtremeWX is a team of weather fanatics who document severe weather around Alberta,Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We bring you Live, action-packed severe weather coverage to you, while you sit in the comfort of your home watching these incredible videos! Watch as we go out collecting extreme weather videos to you!